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The ESM motor which fits onto all H16 cameras equipped with the 1:1 spindle is designed for filming with synchronous sound recording. This electronically regulated auxiliary motor drives the film at the perfectly stabilized speeds of 10, 18, 24, 25 and 50 f.p.s. It is used with the same crystal/sync pulse accessory as the H16 EL camera. It is provided with an automatic clapper device which fogs a few frames at the beginning of each take.

Technical data
Powered by a 12V/1Ah battery inside power-grip (261001) or in the container with electric cable and remote control, or by the power pack 12V/1.2Ah (261660). Nominal voltage: 12V. Built-in release.
External power socket. Remote control socket. Crystal/sync pulse socket. Automatic clapper. T2A fuse. The shutter is not automatically closed when mechanism stops. Socket for 400ft magazine WM motor.
ESM motor with complete standard equipment: 260660.
12V / 1.2 Ah power pack
For powering H16 EL and EBM electric cameras or ESM and EM motors. The 12V / 1.2 Ah power pack carried slung over the shoulder or in a pocket provides sufficient power for about 1200 feet of film at + 20° C. 12V / 1.2 Ah power pack with 265020 power cable.
Code: 261660.
12V / 0.8 Ah power pack
For powering the H16 EL camera. The 12V / 0.8 Ah power pack, which fits onto the camera lid, provides sufficient power for about 600 feet of film at +20° C. Built-in cable for connecting to the camera. Code: 261455.
Battery chargers
For charging the 12V / 0.8 Ah, the 12V / 1 Ah and 1.2 Ah power packs. Charging time 12-14 hours
on 110-120V or 220-230V / 50-60 cycles. Electronically protected against overcharging.
12 Volt Charger for Bolex NiCd Power Packs
Allows to recharge 12V NiCd accumulators from DC supplies 10 to 15V (e.g. car battery 12V). Charging current is automatically adapted to the type of power pack used. Charging time 14 hours. Working at temperatures from 0° C to + 50° C.
For power packs 0.8 Ah and 1.2 Ah,
code: 261900
For power packs 1.2 Ah (EBM cameras or ESM motor), code: 261901.
For H16 EBM Electric cameras and H16 cameras equipped with ESM motor.
This grip, fitted with a quick attachment device, has a compartment for the power pack 12V / 1Ah, (code 261110), as well as a start button and a button for the diaphragm preselection of the Kern Vario-Switar 100 POE lens. Designed to fit the contours of the hand, the grip can be swivelled to the most convenient position, and the length of its strap adjusted, thus ensuring excellent control over the camera. Code: 261001.

Crystal/sync pulse (PQM accessory)
For H16 EBM + H16 EL cameras as well as for H16 RX-5 + H16 SBM cameras equipped with ESM motor.
This basic equipment gives the following possibilities:
Synchronisation of the camera mechanism on the frequency of y crystal, making it possible to guarantee the precision of the filming speeds of 24 and 25 f.p.s. to within a margin of error of less than 0.002%, from -20°C to + 50°C (less than 1/4 of a frame out in 400 feet of film).
Transmission of a sync pulse proportional to the camera speed (60 cycles at 24 f.p.s. or 50 cycles at 25 f.p.s, 50 cycles at 24 f.p.s. on the special model).
Transmission of a 12V DC clapper signal (3 different standards of automatic clapper).
Dimensions: 135 x 57 x 35mm.
  Two version are avavailable:
Unit for setting to 24 f.p.s. 60 cycles or 25 f.p.s. 50 cycles, with 1m connecting cable and protective cover. Code: 262221.
Unit for 24 f.p.s. 50 cycles only, with 1m connecting cable and protective cover. Code 262331.

Mechanical pistol hand grip

For flat-based H16 cameras not equipped with an electric motor. It is particularly suitable for hand-held filming with a camera fitted with a Kern Vario-Switar lens. It is provided with a quick attachment
device. Code: 263001.


Electric pistol hand grip
For flat-based H16 cameras equipped with EM or ESM electric motor powered by the 261660 power pack or for EL cameras. Equipped with a built-in micro-switch and a quick attachment device, it is supplied with a cable for plugging into the remote control socket of the motor or the camera.
Code: 263110




The matte-box greatly simplifies the achieving of trick effects, such as entering a room through a keyhole, making the same person appear several times on the same frame, on-the-spot titling, etc.
Supplied with a set of masks and acetate sheets.
Code: 266220.

400 FEET (120 m) MAGAZINE

For H16 RX-5, SBM, EBM Electric, and EL cameras.

Easily mounted and removed, this magazine can take 200 feet spools or up to 400 feet of film on rolls. It is used in conjunction with WM winding motor or former MM version, which ensures constant film tension. A counter indicates the length of film remaining unexposed.
Weight of the magazine equipped with the WM motor: 1760 g.
Magazine with two centering hubs,
code: 266001.

12V take-up motor, model WM. 4-position switch to adjust take-up speed to filming speed, from single
frame to 50 f.p.s. Can be used with H16 EL cameras with serial numbers from 311001 and above, with H16 RX-5 and SBM cameras equipped with ESM motors with serial numbers from 5001 and above or EM motors from the first series, supplied with integral connection cable and 2 guide rollers for the camera.
Code: 266023.
2" core for 400feet magazine (spare),
code: 265663.
Cover for 400 feet (120m) magazine,
code: 266110.


For H16 EL cameras, as well as any H16 400 feet models ready for filming, that is to say fully equipped with the ESM or EM motor, the 400 feet (120m) magazine with its motor, a zoom lens and a power or hand grip. Compartment for accessories, a spare 400 feet (120m) magazine, and four rolls of film in their containers. The case is airtight. Dimensions: 60 x 49 x 22 cm.
Code: 264550.
Smaller version for cameras without 400 feet (120m) magazine. Carries H16 EL cameras or any H16 100 feet ready for use, i.e. camera equipped with fixed focal length or zoom lens as well as an auxiliary electric motor and power hand grip. A large compartment holds accessories, including the matte-box and monopod. The case is airtight. Dimensions: 54 x 39 x 20 cm. Code: 264660.

FORMER KERN VARIO-SWITAR 100 PTL              1:2/f = 12.5 - 100MM f/2 MC WITH ASPHERON 6.5MM
With an 8x zoom, a useful wide angle setting of 12.5mm and the Aspheron 6.5mm optical attachment, this is a multi-purpose lens. It has a built-in TTL exposure meter and power zoom with variable speeds.
The lens has 19 elements and is multicoated (MC), so that an overall increase in contrast has been achieved, resulting in better shots particularly when filming against the light.
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The most important technical features:
Horizontal field angle from 41° (752 ‰) to 5 1/2° (96 ‰). With the Aspheron 72° (1450 ‰).
Geometric apertures from f/2 to f/16, with
mark for photometric apertures (T-stop).
Focusing from 1.2m to infinity. A special control makes it possible to focus sharply at very short distances, particularly necessary when using the aspheron wide-angle attachment.
The Aspheron was designed specially for use with the Kern Vario-Switar 100 PTL and, even with the diaphragm fully open, has a focusing range from 1m to infinity and is practically distortion free.
Two-blade automatic diaphragm - can also be set manually - with CdS photo-electric cell in the lens behind the zoom variator and centre-weighted measuring field over 2/3rds of the image area. This lens can still be serviced today.


Available in C-mount version or equipped with bayonet adapter.

Kern lenses incorporate an exclusive automatic depth-of-field scale (Visifocus - orange dots).

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Wide-angle Switar
10mm f/1.6 RX MC
Telephoto Macro-Switar
75mm f/1.9 MC
Horizontal field angle
52° = 965 ‰
7° = 129 ‰
Relative magnification
0.4 x
3 x
Focusing range
8" -
(2' 6") 5' -
Diaphragm preselection device
Dual-range extension for macrofilming
Filter series

A practical, rugged and light-weight shoulder brace with Bolex quick attachment device.
The camera mounting plate can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Code: 263770.

A highly practical accessory that can be used with all H16 cameras. Very often, it dispenses with the need of a tripod, its collapsed length is only 53cm. Fully extended it measures 160 cm.
Weight under 780 g. Code: 263660