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Mechanical system of former

H16 EL camera

Electric motor, electronically regulated by impulses, for optimum use of the power of the battery and perfectly constant filming speeds.

  • Filming speeds of 10, 12, 18, 20, 24, 25, 32, 40 and 50 f.p.s + single-frame.
  • 24 and 25 f.p.s. filming speed accuracy in accordance with sync pulse standards.
  • Possibility of sound synchronization with crystal control accessory at 24 and 25 f.p.s. Maximun deviation for 400 ft of film: less than one frame.
  • Camera stops with shutter closed for all functions.
  • Practically instant start and stop, with no noticeable overexposure of the first or last frame of a take.
  • Unlimited reverse running.
  • Built-in device for testing the power pack charge. The electric current is automatically switched off as soon as the power pack voltage drops below the critical level.
  • 170° rotary shutter opening.
  • Automatic film threading. Spool ejector. Loop former. Powered by SAFT NiCd battery with low internal resistance, nominal voltage
    12V - DC.
Choice of two power packs:
  1. 12V/0.8 Ah, mounted on the camera lid. Capacity: about 600 ft of film at + 20° C and 25 f.p.s.
  2. 12V/1.2Ah, carried slung over the shoulder or in a pocket. Capacity: about 1200 ft of film at + 20° C and 25 f.p.s.
    The charger, supplied with the camera, recharges either power pack in about 12 hours.
Optical system

Reflex viewfinder with light captured through swivelling prism mounted in front of the shutter.
Misadjustment-proof ground glass on prism itself.
  • Adjustable eyepiece: ± 5 diopters.
  • Magnification: 13X.
  • Rubber eyecup, directional and can be folded over.
  • Viewfinder light trap.
  • Field of view corresponding to standard 16mm projection field.
  • TV frame 8.40 x 6.30mm. R = 1.7mm.
  • Extremely rugged bayonet lens mount, with built-in filter holder.
  • Bearing on three small tongues.
  • Centering diameter: 60mm.
  • Focal flange distance: 23.22mm.
  • Most C-mount lenses easily adapted.


Light meter
  • High performance, built-in light meter.
  • Through-the-lens measurement of the light by a cell which fits in front of the filming aperture while de diaphragm is being set.
  • Instant reaction, linear characteristic silicon cell, for electronic processing of the data: film sensitivity, filming speed, exposure of the cell. It has no memory and is practically insensitive to blinding, ageing and variations in temperature.
  • Sensitivity range: 25 to 1600 ASA (15 to 33 DIN) with automatic coupling at all filming speeds.
  • The silicon cell is "adapted" to the spectral sensitivity of the film by an optical filter.
  • Measurement of the light in the centre of the field of view over about 35% of the picture area.
  • Manual operation of the diaphragm setting ring, the correct opening being set by balancing the brilliance of the two light-emitting diodes located in the viewfinder. Possibility of detecting an over - or under - exposure of 1 stop.
Synchronous sound recording

Sync pulse socket for sync pulse and automatic slating, or for connecting a crystal accessory.
  • Slating lamp switch.
  • Nominal capacity: all 16mm films on 100 feet spools.
  • Possibility of mounting an accessory 400 feet magazine.
  • Synchro-flash socket.
  • Built-in release switch controlling all functions: forward and reverse motion, singleframe operation.
  • Safety lock: prevents the accidental operation of the camera. Also makes it possible to lock the release in the "release" position (for continuous operation).
  • Frame counter up to 1000 frames.
  • Counter in feet or in metres.